Intravenous Therapy

Helping to boost vitality and support natural healing, intravenous therapy offers a minimally invasive, fast acting solution to fatigue, dehydration and vitamin deficiency. At Bay Street Medical, we offer a range of IV treatments designed to combat common ailments. There are a variety of IV infusion treatments, and the particulars such as dosages, frequency, and the right combinations of consistency in the blend of each IV Infusion can have variance for each patient. It really is something one ought to consult with an experienced doctor first and foremost, which may also require fresh pathology testing, so that an informed decision on the most effective treatment pathways can be made for your investment.

Iron Infusion Intravenous Therapy

Iron deficiency is the single most common human nutritional deficiency in the world. Caused by blood loss, poor absorption of foods through the gut, or a lack of variety in the diet, this condition can leave us feeling tired, irritable and unable to concentrate. Since iron is essential for transporting oxygen around our bodies, an iron deficiency can also cause shortness of breath, general weakness, reduce our exercise performance and increase our susceptibility to infection. IV iron infusions deliver much-needed iron directly into your blood to help combat these symptoms.

We maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety at Bay Street Medical. All of our intravenous therapy treatments are carried out by fully qualified staff under a doctor’s supervision.

Payment and Medicare

The total cost of the treatment will depend on the method of administration and the dose of vitamins in your therapy, and is something your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation. The cost of IV fluid treatments are not covered by Medicare or private health funds.


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